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Deviant for 13 Years
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Given by WDWParksGal-Stock
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Stocks MUST be Your Own Work to Provide Stock

Be aware of Copyright - Stamp by gild-a-stock

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I Do Not Support Hate Stamp by CelticStrm-Stock by CelticStrm-Stock
For the list of CVs, link to Community Relations Team and scroll to the bottom for a full-listing of current volunteers or click on FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?
FAQ #61: What is a Daily Deviation?
FAQ #2: Where can I find the official DeviantArt Copyright Policy?
FAQ #873: What do I do when I disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature?
FAQ #20: Where can I find the DeviantArt Terms of Service?
FAQ #35: Where is the Etiquette policy for DeviantArt?
FAQ #94: I would like to purchase a work I've found on DeviantArt or license it for use.
FAQ #502: Can I submit things which I made using different "games" like a doll maker or with other character generators?
FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
FAQ #257: What sort of permission do I need to use someone else's work?
FAQ #809: What are DeviantArt's stock image guidelines?
FAQ #696: How does DeviantArt comply with COPPA?
Free dA Avatar2for AvieProject by WDWParksGal Free dA Avatar for AvieProject by WDWParksGal Free dA Avatar3for AvieProject by WDWParksGal
:iconnewsboyplz: I invite you to click here every day! This link supports free mammograms for those who cannot afford them.

It is a wonderful concept and one that I hope the deviantART Community can really help with!
And :please: please while there, link on each individual button to donate. The site is fully supported by sponsors and cost nothing to click! I do this every day I'm online ;)
:earth:Also, I link to The Ecology Fund ~ daily clicks help to save land!
:silentkitty:Then there is help for domestic animals. Feed Kitties and Feed Doggies by answering fun questions each day (doesn't have to be a right answer to donate free kibble).
PutYourBraveFaceOn found a wonderful site, Click to Donate Free that has all sorts of charitable sites in one spot making it easy to donate. Just click on each link and click where marked and the sponsors make a donation!

Problems with DA? These are issues I'm having since returning home from vacation: 

4 deviants said Notes taking a few tries before actually opening
2 deviants said The arrow buttons aren't working
2 deviants said There are probably more bugs in the system ~ any you know about?
1 deviant said PayPal isn't being used by DA to buy points
1 deviant said Journals coming in multiple times or Notes being repeated
1 deviant said Christmas Toys by KmyGraphic Happy-New-Year by KmyGraphic Winter Wonderland by KmyGraphic
No deviants said Getting an error button when going to the next journal in a stack
No deviants said When moving Deviations in a personal or group's gallery they remain in the folder until the page is refreshed a couple times
No deviants said Chat not working using Safari
No deviants said Favorite Folders not always displaying the full folder and not allowing me to see them all without clicking "all"


hq has news:
Core Core Membership Offer Core Logo (Blinking) 
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The Core Membership Sale is going on again. Buy three-months get one free. I just renewed this site and WDWParksGal-Stock ~ just remember after 72-hours to remove the "automatic billing" in the settings. Once you do that you can then take advantage of the offer again. Again, remove the auto-bill after 72-hours. By then you'll have a one-year Core Membership and should be able to take advantage of the same offer this time next year in 2017 (test icon) !
 ChristmasTree by KmyGraphic

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Angels Without Wings February 2017

Wed Feb 8, 2017, 3:25 PM
Divider I by RBSRdesigns

In Cooperation with Angels-And-Gangstas DevNews would like to present:
Angels Without Wings for the Month of February 2017!

db1 by RBSRdesigns

Who are Angels without Wings?

They are those fellow deviants:

small heart - teal Who more or less regularly feature other Deviants
small heart - teal Who always willingly give tips, hints, helpful comments
small heart - teal Who answer at least a fair amount of the comments they get
small heart - teal Who give kind and or uplifting words where they see its needed
small heart - teal Who feature and pimp projects and deviants who need support/help
small heart - teal Who take the time to suggest DD's on a more or less regular basis
small heart - teal Who take the time to suggest seniority every now and then
small heart - teal Who give fair and helpful critiques (whether official or not)
small heart - teal Or whatever else helpful, kind, supportive they might do
You can read all about it HERE

Little Hearts Divider (Green) by JEricaM

At the beginning of each month two (2) very special Deviants will be awarded with a pair of wings and get
featured by TheGalleryOfEve and her Gangstas of love (in alphabetical order):

Little Hearts Divider (Green) by JEricaM

Now Without Further Delay on to the Two (2) Brand :new: Angels:

Applaud fella (Reactions) 
Congratulation  Congratulations Everyone Congratulation 
:iconwingsplz: It’s a delight to award you with the wings you so deserve!
Please do remember to leave comments for each of our dear Gangstas who feature you in their individual journals. And, you can now display the AWW stamp on your frontpage, in your journals or ID :love:

Little Hearts Divider (Green) by JEricaM

:iconwesley-souza: suggested by FrancescaPoliti and WDWParksGal

angel wing left angel wing right 
Wesley takes care of the Groups he's an admin for with a tireless devotion, featuring, making contests and finding new ideas to involve people all the time; he puts a lot of effort to find prizes, encouraging members and people in general. He always has kind and sweet words for everyone. He takes the initiative to comment on people’s works at any level they are, always cheering everybody up. He also has a keen eye for details; something you can tell by his amazing digital art gallery, and when he does comment someone else's art he always finds the strong points of the work. He provides stocks and resources dedicating folders for it. Also regularly, he provides contest prizes and stays involved with all the activities. He’s an avid DD suggester really feeling the sense of Art and the need to share with all the community his passion; many of his suggestions have turned out to receive DDs.” … “An amazing all-around active deviant and true friend, who not only is a high quality artist, but also a wonderful, altruistic person”.

Space with Spaceships - stock package by Wesley-Souza

Depth in the scenery Tutorial by Wesley-Souza

Castle Premade Stock by Wesley-Souza

Tell a Story - updated 2016 by Wesley-Souza

My Friend Monster -  Update 2016 by Wesley-Souza

Little Hearts Divider (Green) by JEricaM

:icontechgnotic: suggested by Andorada and TheGalleryOfEve

angel wing left angel wing right 
”He’s always had a friendly and warm reaction to people, answering comments around, questions, guiding people, trying to reason and calm down some who were in need of that; this is sometimes not easy, especially in times when people think it is trendy to bully. He was always well composed and even after DA changed the system, and he did not post new articles, after a while he slowly started to fill the void with personal journals or status messages, and he was really warm with everybody answering. I find this behavior something to be admired and encouraged. And gestures like this, from his position, have a huge impact on the community around” … “Ron is one of those Staff members who not only does whatever job he needs to do, he warmingly engages with people, helping the whole community feel more inviting!!! You can be new to the site or not-so-new, but he will make you feel at home!!! Not only he’s approachable as a Staff member, but once you get to interact with him from time to time, it is impossible not to feel him as your friend!!! All that makes him extra special, because in an online arena it’s not that easy to find wonderful souls like his!!! It is with great pleasure that we give these Wings to this beloved Angel, congratulations dear techgnotic!!!”

Structure in The Trees by techgnotic


Little Hearts Divider (Green) by JEricaM


Nominations for new Angels Without Wings 
If you know any deserving deviants who meet the criteria at the top of this journal, please tell us! We are always looking for new Angels to award.

Simply Note our group :iconangels-and-gangstas: with ‘AWW Suggestion’ as the subject, along with at least 5 sentences telling us why the deviant deserves to earn their Wings. Please, one suggestion per Note only!
Please check to make sure your suggested nominee was not awarded already, you can find the list of Awarded Angels HERE

If you do suggest, please have a look to make sure the nominees good deeds are visible for everyone visiting their pages!! Everyone needs to clearly see why the person deserves their Award.And please write at least five (5) sentences why you suggest this deviant :aww:

Candle Divider o1 by AngelicHellraiser
black divider by ToxiceStea



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
:iconleartistplz: A place for unrestricted stock, exclusives and for anyone who wishes to donate stock to share with the world :earth:
:devart: FAQ #809: What are DeviantArt's stock image guidelines?
Pertinent Gallery Folder Information:
:gallery: :deviation: Folder Limitations ~ 120 folders and up to 5346 deviations in each folder FAQ #762: What is the Gallery Folders Feature and how do I use it?

Stock Reminders and UpdatesStock & Resources Creatures of the Night Contest
:pumpkin: Make sure you get your entries in on time! :pumpkin:
Making Yourself Available
We can't stress this enough.  Stock is not something you can post in your gallery then ignore unless your stock is completely unrestricted and no further contact with you is necessary.
Erin, Jade and I have had a LOT of frustrated artists messaging us recently about the fact that they are simply unable to get in contact with stock providers who require notification of use or commercial information.
Its unfair to place restrictions on your stock then not uphold your end of the bargain by not responding to requests from artists who are following your rules by contactin
Of Miscats and Misconceptions    
     Miscategorizations, more commonly referred to as 'miscats', happen all the time and in pretty much all galleries. Some of them are more affected than others but in general there is hardly any Gallery CV who won't be able to add their share to the topic.
     Today I'd like to give you some general info on this often frustrating but in many cases easily avoided problem as well as clear up a misconception about the Customizations Gallery which should help you choose the necessary category a little more quickly.
     In the end you will find a link to a very helpful article by Hardrockangel who has expanded on this topic with a specific relation to the Icons gallery.
What is a Miscat?

"Miscats are works that have been submitted to the wrong category of deviantART."

    Simple as that. A traditional water colour painting in the 3D-Dim
CEA Blog: How (And Where) to Report DeviationsThe Galleries here at receive, on average, around a hundred thousand submissions every day- any way you look at it that is a lot of creative works coming in every minute of every day. Among this outpouring of creativity which we call Deviations there are, inevitably, works which could be potential problems and when members of the community find deviations which could be troublesome for one reason or another it is only natural to want to bring them to the attention of the staff here at deviantART.
Because of the various ways that a deviation might be a problem we'll focus on only one specific issue in this blog, that issue being the subject of copyright infringement.
Now we've already tried to explain the ins and outs of copyright in our copyright policy so if you haven't read that particular page yet I'd encourage you to do so now (you agree to obey the rules and restrictions laid out there every time you submit

Disney Websites and Icons

For Cool Disney Sites Check Screamscape, Deb's All-Ears, Mouse-for-less and Mousesavers:

Wishes for KasK by AreteEirene Epcot Christmas Monorail by AreteEirene
Someday My Prince Will Come by AreteEirene Spectromagic Widescreen by AreteEirene Mine? by AreteEirene


Thank You for Stopping by My Profile Page!

Free thanks for fav's journal image by PaMonk


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